Ahrens Rural is able to provide Augers to suit a wide range of applications, through distributing the Brandt range Australia wide.

Backed by our national coverage and dedicated resources, Ahrens trust Brandt to provide you with the right advice for your grain handling needs.

Brandt Swing Away Augers

Our Brandt Swing Away Augers are easy-to-use and faster than ever, with a 1 year parts and labour warranty, high quality powder paint finish and can be equipped with a wide range of features to match specific working conditions.

  • 10″ HP to 190 tonnes per hour, 13″ XL+ up to 290 tonnes per hour, 13″ HP+ 342 tonnes per hour
  • 60% greater performance than any competitors’ 13″ Swing Away Auger
  • All XL models are available with optional reverser, while the HP features 1000 rpm input reducing gearbox with built-in reverser
  • Maintenance is simple for Brandt Swing Away Augers with 2 large access doors and a completely sealed transition spout, built to keep the grain in and moisture out.

Brandt Auger

Brandt Harvest Grain Belt

Brandt Harvest Grain Belts feature high capacity 15″ belts up to 236 tonnes per hour.

  • Non-slip S-drive belt provides 270 degrees of wrap for increased surface content
  • EZTRACK Tracking System, patented by Brandt, eliminates the need for continual monitoring of the belt
  • Windguards are standard equipment on all Brandt Grain Belts
  • Modular construction of intake and discharge points equals easy replacement after extensive useBrandt Field Grain Belt

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