Transportable Silo Range

An Ahrens transportable silo is manufactured in our facility and delivered to you fully assembled with multiple cone options and available in sizes from 10 to 136 tonne. We can manufacture individual silos or complete transportable silo systems to suit all types of Grain, Fertiliser, Dairy, Seed & Feed as well as sealed silos to suit your storage needs.

Lead times are dependent on bookings and seasonality with delivery times and costs varied depending on individual state law requirements.

Transportable Grain Silo

40-136 tonne
  • Sealed to Australian Standard AS2628.
  • Galvanised Base with Zincalume walls & roof.
  • Zincalume silos provide three to four times the service life of Galvanised steel silos.
  • Zincalume steel offer excellent insulation as it absorbs less heat due to high reflectivity. Zincalume silos absorb only between 4% to 5% solar heat compared to 22% to 26% in Galvanised steel. Reflectivity of Galvanised steel reduces after weathering however Zincalume look newer for longer.
  • Silos are fully ground operational (Fumigation & ground open centre fill).
  • Silos are fitted with a ground level phosphine application system for safer and more effective fumigation. As the gas evolves from the tablets it is carried either up or down the external black thermosiphon pipe. This works on the principal of warm are rising as the sun heats the pipe & cold air falls as the air in the pipe cools (VIC & SA standard – NSW & QLD optional).
  • Fumigation tablet chamber built into cone.
  • Standard 600mm ground clearance.
  • External ladder kits are optional in VIC & SA. Standard for NSW & QLD.
  • 16mm blocks under base ring to assist with hygiene.

Transportable Fertiliser Silo

40-75 tonne
  • Fully welded 45o base cone angle.
  • Colour Coat steel construction in the tank & roof.
  • Full 2-pac epoxy internal base coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Ground operated lid opener, complete with stainless steel cable.
  • Stainless steel lump breaker and discharge gate.
  • Side operated discharge gate.
  • Easily accessible cone base manhole.
  • Extended legs and raised base ring to eliminate corrosion.
  • Silo section ring beam (eliminating traps).


  • External ladder, cage and platform (specific sizes only), roof handrail and ladder.

Transportable Seed & Feed Silo

Starting at 10 tonne
  • Fully welded 45o and 60o base cone angle or 35o/80o offset cone.
  • Zincalume steel roof and tank construction.
  • Sight Glasses and ground operated lid opener, complete with stainless steel cable.
  • External sidewall ladder, cage and platform (specific sizes only), rood handrail and ladder.
  • Silo section ring beam (eliminating traps).


  • Blow tube & air vent.

What can you store in an Ahrens Transportable Silo?

Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Canola, Corn, Lentils, Chickpeas, Oats, Rye, Triticale, Lupins, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Rice, Beans, Field Peas, and more…

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